Design services

Great design is one of the most powerful tools to enhance the perceived value and transform the perception of a branded product or service.The total brand and and product identity is key in influencing the purchase decision; it is the strategic interface between producer and consumer, always right there to deliver shelf impact when the consumer first lays her eyes on the product (the so called first moment of truth). If executed well, it also delivers at “the second moment of truth”, i.e. when the consumer opens the product at home, to confirm the purchase and to build a strong brand, reassure repeat purchase and ultimately brand loyalty.

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At NINE we deliver traditional design agency services, but we also use design as a powerful tool in the innovation process to visualize strategies at an early stage. NINE offers the following design services:

  • Graphic Packaging Design
  • Structural Packaging Design
  • Brand & Product Identity
  • Concept Visualisation
  • Production Management
  • Product Design