Nine Philosophy

At NINE, we believe in prototyping the future through proactive innovation.

We walk, talk and feel with clients and consumers alike in order to discover unexplored opportunities, and craft ideas into future-proofed solutions that create value in a world that never stands still.

Innovation is in our DNA

We’ve been designing for the future since 2005. Our project teams are made up of future insight, innovation and trend experts, ethnographers, strategic thinkers, engineers, industrial and graphic designers, and all sorts of creatives that work together in an iterative process tailored to each challenge.

All levels of innovation are important

It’s just a matter of identifying which level you need, for where and for what. At NINE, we call these levels Extension: or incremental innovations. Stretch: Strategic innovations that change how the market works and challenges current consumer perceptions. Game-changing: Innovations that create new markets. Inventing new things and creating new needs.

What we do


Everything we do starts with a human-centric approach. That means, we set out to understand what’s going on in the world today, where it’s going next, and the lives of who we are innovating for. Allowing us to pin-point both short and long-term opportunities for our clients and bring it all to life through a collaborative and creative process.

Take a look below to find out about some of the services we offer.

Innovation Strategy

Setting innovation ambitions early on are key to creating actionable results. It’s all about asking how much innovation is needed, why it’s needed, and how to get there. Together with our clients, we set a path for future growth through innovation. Some services we provide are:

Innovation Ambition
Innovation Platform
Innovation Portfolio Strategy
Innovation Roadmap
Innovation Culture

Future Insight

A human-centric approach sits at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we always start with insight, where we seek to understand both internally and externally where your organisation and the market is heading next. Via actionable insights, we work together with clients to shape future business opportunities. Some services we provide are:

Ethnographic Research
Trend Insight
Insight Programs
Lectures & Seminars
Opportunity Areas

Collaborative Ideation

We believe great ideas are not made in silos. That’s why collaborative ideation is part of everything we do, both internally and with our clients. Always, in an environment that nurtures innovative thinking and creativity. Some services we provide are:

Creative Springboards
Ideation Workshops
Concept Development


Power lies in what you can see, touch and test. That’s why we believe that bringing ideas to life early on is important to explore what works, what doesn’t work and how to improve it fast. Through verbal and visual concepts that are iterated via structural and graphic design we build and expand on ideas. Some services we offer are:

Digital, 2D & 3D Prototyping
Consumer Builds
Concept Refinement


We make it all come to life with organisational support via engineers, industrial designers and production specialists to realise conceptual ideas. Some services we provide are:

Graphic/Structural/UX Design
Engineering/Tech/Production Support
Final Design CAD & Artwork
Supplier/Converter Collaborations